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Aloha and Welcome to Tech Tree PC!  We are here to offer the best in Tech Support, Security and Custom Built PCs.

We deal with:

A company not wanting to deal with too much internal "red tape" we are able to make decisions that benefit our customers quickly and are truly able to make recommendations  that are unique for each client instead of having a company script to follow.

Our clients, whether a company or individual prefer this organic feel, knowing that they are getting true personal service.

Tech Tree PC offers 4 types of Support:


We fix your PC remotely, it's fast, easy and fun to watch
Starting at only $80.

Call us today!

We will send a technician to your home or office.

Fill out our onsite
service request form to get
us there!
Take Away:

A technician will come to your  home / office to pick up the hardware.

Check out our "Additional
Service" and fill out the
service request form!
 First Aid:

Get some family, friends, coworkers together and learn about online safety.

Contact us for more details
on to set up a "First Aid" session!